Introduction to OSINT: Recon-ng Tutorial

Dakota Nelson
Oct 06, 2016

Intelligence collection is manual. It’s tedious. It takes forever.

But you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Using tools like recon-ng, you can automate your open source intelligence collection process - whether it’s for business intelligence or security reconnaissance. Find out how to use recon-ng in this quick tutorial video:

This how-to video gets you up to speed with a quick introduction to recon-ng, a great framework for collecting OSINT automatically, and then goes straight into an example so you can see how the information gathering process works in practice.

In it, you’ll learn:

  • how to run recon-ng and use the built-in help system
  • the basics of using workspaces to organize your OSINT engagements and keep records
  • methodology for starting your investigation by manually adding data and API keys to build from
  • techniques for conducting real-world reconnaissance using recon-ng’s built-in capabilities, including how to choose which recon-ng modules to run
  • analysis methods to query recon-ng’s database and view the intelligence you’ve collected

PLUS, download this recon-ng cheatsheet to get a description of every module in one convenient PDF.

You can view recon-ng’s source code and documentation directly. There’s also an excellent recon-ng usage guide written by recon-ng’s creator, Tim Tomes.

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