Information Security Reading List

Dakota Nelson
Jun 22, 2017

A lot of people ask me what they should do to get started in information security.

One of my first answers is to keep an eye on infosec news - not to try to stay on top of it all (honestly, that’s probably impossible at this point), but to keep an eye out for security news that piques your interest. It’s all about curiosity, and having breadth is critical - you can look up more information later, as long as you know what’s out there.

Nine times out of ten, I get a followup question - “well, ok then - what should I read?” This is a harder problem, since it takes some time to build an intutition for where you should look - someone’s information security RSS feed can tell you a lot about them!

For about 6 months, I’ve been sending a weekly information security newsletter that I call the security reading list - each week has a list of articles about security I thought were interesting that week (no, I am not good at naming things). Some of the articles you’ll get are current events, others are technical, still others provide great analysis.

You’ll see subject lines like:

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